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Wireless sensor "Callibri" is a multifunction device that can be used for:

1. registration of various biopotentials (electromyograms, electrocardiograms, cardiointervalograms);
2. for recording the angular velocity and acceleration (MEMS);
3. the formation of electrostimulating effects and correction of violations of the human muscular system.

The principle of wireless communication is provided using the Bluetooth LE radio channel between the sensor and the device (mobile phone, etc.) The advantage of wireless registration is to minimize motor artifacts and, as a consequence, to ensure the free position of the subject's body, including the ability to move. Based on the sensors "Callibri" with the use of SDK, you can create:

• neurointerfaces based on Biological feedback;
• a system for assessing the quality of training in fitness and sports;
• applications based on the registration of EMG, EEG, ECG (no more than 4 channels).

Appearance of the sensor "Callibri"

1. Power button
sensor "Callibri"

2. Red indicator

3. Green indicator

4. Cutout in the sensor for tape attachment

5. Contact areas

6. USB connector for the charger

Start and finish of work

Press the power button for turning on/off the sensor (1).


For charge the sensor align the sensor's USB connector (6) with the USB cable of the charger. Connect to power supply.



1.png Use only chargers with appropriate specifications. Use of inappropriate chargers may result to the battery explosion or sensor damage.

2.png Charge the battery before using the "Callibri" registration module for the first time!

2.png Charging of the registration module is ONLY when it is turned off! Otherwise, there is a probability that the "Callibri" sensor will fail. Do not use a personal computer to charge the "Callibri" sensor!

2.png Can not keep the registration module in a discharged state!

3.png The duration of the full charge of the battery is no more than 4 hours.

Indication of sensor "Callibri"

On body of the sensor "Callibri" there are two indicators of green and red colors. The color indication depends on the operating mode of the sensor.

A.png - LEDs do not light up - the registration module "Callibri" is disabled;

B.png - The LED on the left is green - the "Callibri" registration module is on;

C.png - The LED left blinks in green - the process of charging the battery of the "Callibri" registration module is in progress;

D.png - The right LED is lit in red - the battery charge of the "Callibri" registration module is less than 5%;

E.png - The right LED flashes red - the battery charge of the "Callibri" registration module is less than 1%;

F.png - LED left and right alternately flash green and red colors - the registration module "Callibri" is fully charged.

Product using

Wireless sensor "Callibri" can be used to:

1) diagnosis;
2) electrostimulation / correction.


For the wireless sensor "Callibri in the mode of electrostimulation / correction:

1. Contraindications:
1.1 individual intolerance to electric current;
1.2 damage to the integrity of the skin (wounds, abrasions, ulcers);
1.3 Built-in pacemaker, neurostimulator or any other electronic device;
1.4 with caution in the presence of the patient epileptic seizures. Only with the permission of the attending physician!
1.5 heart disease. Only after consulting a doctor;
1.6 serious violations of the arterial blood circulation in the lower extremities.
2. Not recommended:
2.1 for prolonged electrostimulation (more than 30 minutes);
2.2 Use the appliance by pregnant women.
3. Prohibited:
3.1 use the product near the head. There is no evidence of the effects of brain stimulation;
3.2 use the product to stimulate the neck. Possible consequences in the form of severe muscle spasms and closure of the airways;
3.3 perform stimulation on the chest. Possible consequences in the form of a violation of the rhythm of the heart.

Preparation of a wireless sensor "Callibri" for working

For work with the "Callibri" complex you should:
1. Enable the Bluetooth module on the mobile device.
2. Turn on the registration module "Callibri" by touching and holding the button for two seconds.
3. If you want use the diagnostic mode.
3.1 install disposable electrodes on the "Callibri" registration module;
3.2 remove the protective layer from the electrodes;
3.3 install the electrodes:
• abdominal muscles (for EMG);
• on the non-haired part of the head (frontal bone) (for EEG);
• the area of ​​the projection of the heart on the patient's chest (for HRV).
3.4 after finishing pick up of the signals, remove the electrodes from the body;
3.5 turn off the registration module.
4. If you want use the electro-stimulation / correction mode:
4.1 put the cuff on the limb (upper / lower);
4.2 place the registration module "Callibri" in the pocket on the cuff;
4.3 connect the cable to the registration module "Callibri" on the connectors (red and blue), install disposable electrodes;
4.4 remove the protective layer from the electrodes;
4.5 place the electrodes on the abdomen of the necessary muscle;
4.6 perform stimulation / correction;
4.7 remove electrodes from the body;
4.8 disconnect the cable from the electrodes and the registration module;
4.9 remove the registration module from the pocket on the cuff and turn it off;
4.10 remove the cuff.
5. Utilize the disposable electrodes by a standard method.
6. Disinfect the registration module with a tissue moistened with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, with the addition of a synthetic detergent.